En la era de 10.000+ vatios, cómo selecciona una máquina de corte por láser de 10.000+ vatios - competencia de rendimiento entre 12kw & 20kw

Con la búsqueda de la eficiencia y la artesanía en toda la industria de procesamiento y fabricación, la tecnología doméstica de corte por láser ha seguido logrando avances, y la máquina de corte por láser de 10,000 vatios ha sido buscada con entusiasmo por toda la industria debido a sus ventajas únicas como alta potencia, alto rendimiento y alta estabilidad. Ha llegado la era de la máquina de corte por láser de 10.000 vatios. Con 10.000 vatios, lidera el futuro.


Calor de mayo, calor de México ——Celebración exitosa de XT Laser de la feria FABTECH en México

Del 3 al 5 de mayo de 2022, se celebró grandiosamente la feria FABTECH 2022 en Monterrey de México y XT Laser participó en esta feria internaiconal de la industria de láser viajando al otro lado del océano.


Which carbon laser cutting is used for 8mm carbon steel+Karina

What laser cutting machine is good for 8mm carbon steel cutting?Carbon laser cutting is used for 8mm carbon steel,Laser cutting has involve in all walks of life. Due to the needs of the business, some customers may need to cut carbon steel materials of about 8mm.


Where is the focus of a laser cutting machine?-Flora

Where is the focus of the fiber laser cutting machine? How to find the focus of the metal laser cutting machine? Many people have such questions when using laser cutting machines.


What causes the cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine?-Flora

The choice of speed of the metal laser cutting machine is very important when cutting materials. If the speed is too slow, no matter how good the effect is, it will affect the production. If the speed


Laser Cutting Steel and Aluminum – Elena

Although metal cutting operations traditionally employ mechanical or manual processes, laser cutting can be a viable, effective, and cost-efficient option for metal fabrication. Laser equipment is dis


Precision fiber laser metal cutting-Claudia

Precise laser cutting performed in the same way as a traditional milling machine. Both techniques allow cutting on X, Y and Z axes that apply to cutting mechanisms. Meanwhile, a milling machine uses a


Tips to teach you how to improve the cutting efficiency of the cutting machine—Jenny

Fiber laser users care the most about how to improve efficiency and lower cost, fiber laser cutting machines, with desirable cutting speed, much less deformation, and high precision, become mainstream


Is Laser Engraving Better for Engraving Mold?-Claudia

Many customers asked about how to engraving o Metal mold?The fiber laser marking machine is suitable for mold engraving? Fiber laser engraving are emerging in the mold making. Cause machining small c


The characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine——Jenny

According to the different laser generators, currently there are three types of laser cutting machines on the market. CO2 laser cutting machines, solid (YAG) laser cutting machines, and fiber laser cu


New Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model-Nancy

New Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model-Nancy Here XTLASER new fiber laser cutting machine model will share with you. Below is the new fiber laser cutting machine model pciture.


New G-Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model-Nancy

Now according to market needs, we highlight new fiber laser cutting machine models. Here New G-Series Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Cuttting Machine with Exchange Table Model introduce to you.


Advantages of fiber laser cleaning -Teresa

At present, there are many cleaning methods in the cleaning industry. Include mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. However, their applications are greatly limit under the co


Laser Cutting Vs. Waterjet Cutting- Elena

Two major cutting process manufacturers commonly use when cutting material include laser cutting and water jet cutting. Depending on the type of material used and the desired end result, one of these


How should fiber laser cutting machine cut thick plate?

With the progress of computer control technology and optical technology.This kind of machine that has high cutting speed and good cutting effect becomes universal pursuit goal. At this time, fiber las


Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?-Flora

Fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut metal materials. But in actual production, many coated metal materials need special treatment to maintain their integrity. Otherwise, scratches will easily o


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